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~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


Benjamin & Eliza (DeCoste) Veno's home - 158 Neck St, North Weymouth MA

Veno, Veneau, Vigneau, Vigneault, Vigneaux

DeCoste, Coste


Welcome to the Veno & DeCoste Cousins Website... "A Place To Remember"


158 Neck St - Spring, 1953      Betty M & Dorothy M “Bonnie” Veno

Daughters of Raymond B Veno & Catherine Dorothy O’Connor Veno

Is your last name Veno or DeCoste?  Or, do you have the name Veno or DeCoste in your family?  And, is that Veno or DeCoste name French?  Then, Welcome to  Anyone who starts researching the name "Veno" will quickly find the many variations of the spelling of the name.  The name seems to have evolved, from France to Canada, then anglicized when moving into the US.  I also found the name DeCoste, which was my grandmother's maiden name was originally "Coste." 

This website has truly become a "family project."  It started just after my first cousin (and god-mother) Ruthie Landin Ingham passed away by my putting up the few old family photos I had on a page on my other website.  Before I knew it, so many people shared so many photos, I had to start a separate website!  Special thanks to Karen Herald Coakley and Ted Weide for allowing me access to the vast majority of the items scanned and posted to this site.  Also, to all of my living first cousins and my sister (Bonnie Veno Rogers Dorsey, Betty Veno Forrest, Lester Veno, Lorraine Herald Kain, Karen Herald Coakley) and second cousins, Carol Lee Adams, and John T DeCoste, for their assistance with adding photos and/or identifying many of the people in the images.  Also, to many of my cousins' children, and my sons, for their kind words of support and encouragement... your enthusiasm made the work involved in this project a real joy.  But, most of all, I thank my godmother and first cousin, Ruth Landin Ingham for having preserved so much of our family history. 

I no longer feel this is *my* project, but rather *our* project.  For those of us who are grandchildren of Eliza (DeCoste) & Benjamin Veno, we're able to share our past with our children, and their children.  And, we're able to share these photos with each other. All other "Veno" and "DeCoste" family members are welcome here as well. 

Please feel free to contribute comments, memories, stories.... or "whatever" to this site.  Come on, don't be shy! 


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Ruthie Landin Ingham  1933 - 2005


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